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Well located forestry block in a district where there are several established forestry operations, some of which are adjoining. Of the total area, the vendor will retain cutting rights of 3 hectares planted in 1995 and 4.1 hectares planted 1998. Basic roading and access in place.

Land Area 51.752 hectare
Nearest Town Dipton 5km, Winton 31km, Invercargill 66km.
Present Condition ( areas approx. ) Approximately 7.1 hectares of existing unharvested Pinus Radiata (shaded in red on the map) are not included in the sale. These 25 year old and 22 year old trees are located on the south west corner and ownership of this 7.1 hectares of trees is being retained by existing forest owners. Details of trees: Stand 3: approx 3 hectares. These 25 year old Pinus Radiata trees planted 1995 have an existing forestry right which any contract is subject too. Stand 1: approx 4.1 hectares. These 22 year old Pinus Radiata trees planted 1998. A new forestry right is to be registered prior to settlement. This forestry right will have normal terms and conditions and will be for a period of maximum 10 years ending December 2030 or upon earlier harvest. Balance of the land mainly ex forestry windrowed in preparation for planting. Following harvest of the trees being retained, the vendors will at their expense leave the land windrowed and in tidy order suitable for replanting.
Soil Types Mainly Mossburn clay loam.
Average RF 1100mm.
Altitude 200 to 300m.
Access & Roads Basic roading and access in place.
Farm Buildings There are no buildings on the property.
Comments The green line shows the access track and marshaling area which is to be left unplanted to allow efficient harvest of logs. Access to manage and harvest: The purchaser would agree that restrictions access will be given to the forest owners of these 7.1ha plantation of trees via the route marked in green, to enable these 7 ha areas to be managed, monitored and harvested.
Contour Description Rolling to steep.
Trademe Pricing Method Asking Price Plus GST (commercial sale or rural listings only)

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